Author of the bestselling Dave Gurney thrillers

American Editions

“Hero Dave Gurney is one for the ages.”
—David Baldacci

“Endlessly inventive.”
—Toronto Star

“Verdon is masterly at keeping Gurney a step ahead of the reader.”
—New York Times

“As incredible as it seems, a relatively new author with no law enforcement background has created a protagonist with insight and skills that rival the best crime solvers of all time.”
—New York Journal of Books

Wolf Lake

"Fans of classic fair play who appreciate well-developed characterizations in their whodunits will relish Verdon's richly atmospheric fifth mystery." — Publishers Weekly

Eerie events at Wolf Lake Lodge present Gurney with a chilling question: How could four people have the same dream, and why would they all commit suicide after having it?

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peter pan must die

"Verdon's distinctive blend of brilliant puzzle and psychological insight into his sleuth, retired NYPD homicide detective Dave Gurney, has never been better" — Publishers Weekly

Puzzle-solving master Dave Gurney brings his formidable analytical skills to the shocking murder of a wealthy politician that couldn’t have been committed the way the police say it was.

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let the devil sleep

"The tension is palpable on virtually every page" –Publishers Weekly

While helping the daughter of a friend put together a crime documentary, Dave takes a close look at a notorious serial murder case — one whose motives have been enshrined as law-enforcement doctrine — and discovers that everyone has it wrong.

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think of a number

“Taut and suspenseful… Verdon is in top form.” —Washington Post

A bride is decapitated at her own wedding reception at her new husbandʼs country estate. Through a series of strange discoveries and revelations, Dave Gurney gradually unravels one of the most bizarrely monstrous criminal schemes imaginable.

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think of a number

“Itʼs hard to remember a better debut for a crime writer.” —Star Ledger

What if someone claimed they could tell what number youʼd think of before you thought of it — then proved they were right? What seems at first a diverting trick soon ignites a massive multiple murder investigation in this propulsive masterpiece of suspense.

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