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Shut Your Eyes Tight Reviews

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“A strong follow-up to the authorʼs wildly entertaining debut.” Washington Post

“Absorbing complications, perfect pacing, a conflicted protagonist (endearing for his introspection), and the authors insight, which imbues the story with tremendous humanity, make this a must-read for thriller fans who enjoy tales that are not only gripping but believable.” Library Journal

Shut Your Eyes Tight… heralds the return of Dave Gurney in a book so good that, once you start it, you will hope it never ends. Itʼs one of those rare novels that will make you smarter but give you nightmares. And youʼll love it, for both reasons.” Book

“For anyone who loves a good puzzle, John Verdonʼs Shut You Eyes Tight is the easy answer.”

“Reading author John Verdon is a must!”
Paramus Post

“Verdon, who hit a home run with his debut novel… has now nailed another one. Red herrings come thick and fast… But it is the nature of the criminal conspiracy itself, utterly vile, fantastic, and yet curiously plausible, that will have crime readers willingly losing sleep.” Booklist (Starred Review)

“John Verdon is the new superstar of the mystery genre.”

"Verdon follows Think of a Number, his sensational debut featuring retired NYPD detective Dave Gurney, with this standout sequel." Publishers Weekly

"A superb mystery novel." Examiner

"The plot comes to life on the first page, but what keeps the pages turning is the pitch-perfect, intriguing voice of this “hero,” a term I know that Dave Gurney would hate.  He’s super-smart, but the last one to brag.  He loves his wife, but he doesn’t get all mawkish about her.  He’s haunted by the death of his young child, but he doesn’t even say that aloud.  Even his diversions are fascinating; you’ll never forget his theory of “The Eureka Fallacy,” a lesson in police analysis that applies to your everyday life.  And he goes about serving justice, despite all the personal costs at home, with a care and concern that you realize, by the end, is characteristic. I know that you’ll want to hear more from Dave Gurney and this amazingly talented author, John Verdon. I can’t wait for his next book." —Amazon Guest Review by Lisa Scottoline

“The crime is grisly and the cop is complicated. A nice combination.” —New York Daily News

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